Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sienna Ballerina May 2014

 Ballet demonstrations at Studio R Ballet.

 I love her leaning on the bar.

 Sienna and Miss Robbin. She was also in Miss Sarah's Class.

Mighty fine to be Nine! May15, 2014

 Happy Birthday Sienna!We let her open one of  her gifts before school.
 I think she likes it!

Later that night. Birthday song and her other present.

 I think she likes these too!

Birthday dress from shopping with Grandma White.
 Western day at school.
 Her outfit from her birthday money! Thanks Grandma Gillespie. Grandpa's too, I guess i shouldn't forget them!

Sienna is a joy to be around!

She can be shy around others but at home she can be a little wild.
 Later she had a swimming party with friends.
 They were quietly crafting at the moment. I could do girl parties forever!

When boys want a party I'm like..... I'm not so sure.

May 8th 2014

 So this pregnancy is a bit of a trial. Of course there are worse things but my wrists are killing me. But I must say, you can't do much with your thumbs restricted.

On this day Ashlynn, Emilee and I were on the hunt for gold fabric for the skyline prom. Ashlynn is on the student council. Emilee is a sweetheart willing to drive around with us.

Any way pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome stinks.

 Theres definitely a baby in there. 4 1/2 months to go.
 Grandma White made him a cute blanket and I found a onesie I don't hate.
 And not connected but funny, This is how I found Rigdon this morning. I think he was cold....

April 2014

 And just like that the weather turns perfect and you spend the afternoon at the park riding scooters, tossing a fishing line in a lake, looking for turtles, sliding, and riding the train!

Bunny buns! Must be Easter! 2014

 I know I say it every year but its just not a proper Easter without some bunny rolls! Brings back wonderful memories of eating the little tails at Grandma Gillespie's house. of course there are usually hash brown potatoes to accompany them.

I must feel like  my childhood was enchanted because i have the bast feeling associated with it.
 Mr Whiskers and Ashlynn
 Don't be fooled he belongs to Sienna...
 Hunting eggs inside, because.... your chocolate would melt outside...

Cousins and Park fun

 Miles and Mason
 Gunner and Boston
 Ashlynn and her friend Kenzie and Sylar

 Rigdon and Daigon
 We went to check out the new splash pad and park with cousins. Having lots of family close is just my favorite thing.

Baby White

 April 14th we learned what the gender of the new baby would be.

Let me just say I never have felt like I've known what we were going to have, but I just really felt so strongly it was going to be a girl. I had only saved a bucket of girl clothes...

In the days before we had been throwing around names and there wasn't a boy name that I loved but there was a girl name. While talking to Andrew on the phone the day before the ultra sound I said there's a girl name I really like but I don't know if you'll like it and he said he had thought of a name for a girl as well. He said it was Faith, and I said "That's the name I wanted!!!" Must be meant to be.

He concluded it must be a girl. And stuck to that all the way into the ultra sound.

Needless to say I was more than shocked when they said it was a boy!

I don't usually let myself have expectations so I don't feel the disappointment when it's not how I think it should be.

So to say I disappointed is an understatement. I felt so sure.  Wow, I'm a brat I know here I was getting the baby we had wanted for 4 years and I was upset it was a boy!?!

It took me a while to get my feelings in order, but I did.
  We came home and filled black gallons with the proper confetti to let the children find out what we were having. Of course the boys wanted a boy and the girls wanted a girl. Boys win!
 Obviously a boy.
  Andrew took me to look at baby clothes after we found out it was a boy. That didn't help, they all had ugly animals on the front!

It's hit and miss with cute boy clothes and in my opinion they were all hideous.

So I bought fabric to make him a blanket, something cute that I would like.

 It started coming together and I was softening to the idea.

I was just so sure it would be a girl, I didn't know how to process it. And I didn't do it very well.

 Of course I'm behind on the blog so I can say I love him to pieces and wouldn't trade him for anything. He is just perfect for our family.

Those expectations will get you every time! Or just me, because I can be a little bratty.